Soaps FOR vegans

Veganism prohibits the use of any product derived from animals or their exploitation.

Vegans therefore exclude the use of hive products.


Ambroise Savonnerie Traditionnelle fully adheres to those who have chosen an ethical way of life that refuses all forms of animal cruelty, but does not endorse the excesses and caricatures that undermine the cause of veganism more than they serve.


The arguments put forward against the use of the products of the hive, accuse apicultural practices; the harvest of honey can only be the result of the irrational exploitation of the bees and the systematic pillage of the colonies.

There is, in apiculture as in any agricultural discipline, unscrupulous beekeepers for whom the profitability objective is paramount. However for the majority of us there is an emotional and reciprocal link with our bees. It would be unfair and even grotesque to consider that we are all insensitive and murderous.


We work with few colonies (<10), our main concern is to preserve the fragile health of our bees, too valuable to be sacrificed on the hotel of profit. The use of ammonium nitrate and the harvesting of body frames, it dates from another time (in Europe at least)!

We practice a sweet beekeeping:

  • no smoking,

  • opening of the hives following the lunar cycle

  • we do not use embossed wax, often questionable. We let the bees build the frames themselves.

  • we do not practice the clipping of the Queens, nor the marking of the Queens

  • we speak to them with kindness, which makes them gentle and non-aggressive.

  • At the opening of each hive, we intervene only the strict necessary in a very short time

  • At the opening of the hive we always offer them a present: a little honey

  • We harvest only the excess honey and leave enough for winter and bad weather in good conditions

  • We watch very carefully the health status of the colonies (ragweed, varroa ..)

  • Our small apiaries are placed in areas of biodiversity, bocage areas for a livelihood without problem,

  • We take into account the Hartmann networks for the location of hives to ensure the welfare of our bees


Awareness of the protection of bees, especially the endangered Black Bee in our region of Normandy is an integral part of our business because it is not by stopping to consume honey or to use it We will save the bees but by learning to know them and respect the value they produce.

Ambroise Savonnerie Traditionnelle implements every day a healthy, fair and balanced collaboration with the bees, constructing any idea of ​​exploitation of animals by man for reasons of greed and profit



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