Moisturizing soaps with honey from the apiary, for yourself or as a gift, from the Landing Beaches region

For clear and soft skin, the Petite Nymphe range, for the face and body , will delight all those who have sensitive, fragile skin, with skin problems or who cannot be in contact with essential oils.

  By removing make-up, Petite Nymphe soap will prove to be formidable and devilishly economical.

Our moisturizing soaps with goat's milk , Beequète, and donkey's milk, Api'Asinus, are the creamiest soaps and are real care to clean the skin in depth, make the skin extremely soft and more elastic.

These milk soaps are preferably used as a mask for the face.  

Our surgras soaps each contain honey from the apiary, beeswax, to give the product incomparable qualities of softness and hydration,

They are handcrafted, cold saponified, cut and packaged by hand.

All the preparations are energized by hand to give the soaps greater vibratory energy for the benefit of the skin

The brown - beige color of soaps is obtained during the saponification process, without any addition of dye. This color, reminiscent of the earth, promotes anchoring.

7 is the dimension in centimeters on each side of the soap. 7 is a mystical number, sacred to the Ancients, the final link between the human and the divine.

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