Pour retrouver la beauté originale de sa peau avec l'ayurvéda

In Ayurveda, each person is at birth composed of three of these energies: Vata, Pitta, Kapha in proportion unique to each, and of which 1 or 2 doshas in general, predominate.


Doshas determine what we are physically, psychically, emotionally. But our way of life can unbalance our ideal constitution ie our birth constitution.


Thus, based on the intelligence of nature, as defined by Ayurveda, AMBROISE offers selected herbal soaps which, combined with each other in synergy with honey and oils, bring efficiency total and adapt as much to the skin as to all other characteristics of the person.


The skin is the envelope that protects all organs and reveals their imbalances in case of problems

In Ayurveda, the skin reflects the qualities of the dominant doshas

Skin predominantly Vata

The skin is fine, cold to the touch and has premature wrinkles and wrinkles. Vata skin does not retain water. It needs hydration internally and externally

Skin predominantly Pitta

The skin is warm, soft to the touch, sensitive and reactive, with a mixed tendency. Pitta skin is more sensitive than others. It must avoid excessive heat and too much direct light

Skin predominantly Kapha

The skin is thick, soft and cold to the touch. It is rather mixed to oily, with dilated pores, deep wrinkles, easy bronzing. The skin of a kapha needs deep and frequent cleansing. It is necessary to allow the impurities to be dislodged by a lubrication with a fatty substance, and a smooth exfoliation to allow the elimination of the dead skins

Comment connaître votre constitution avant une démarche ayurvédique ? Faites le test de constitution, basé sur le principe du dosha prédominant, VataPitta ou Kapha, et qui reflète vos énergies…


Pour connaître votre constitution, cochez les cases du tableau à télécharger ci-dessous.

Le total par colonne vous permettra d’avoir un aperçu de votre dosha dominant. Pour plus de précisions ou pour entreprendre une démarche selon les principes ayurvédiques, contactez votre praticien le plus proche

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