Shaving soap is the ecological and economical alternative to shaving foams. Enriched with vegetable oils and honey, our Ambroise Tradition soap allows an efficient shaving while taking care of your skin.

A shaving soap suitable for sensitive skin

Shaving can be traumatic for the most sensitive skin types. Assaulted by the blades, your skin can become irritated, show redness and become uncomfortable. Our Ambroise Tradition shaving soap is specially formulated to avoid the inconvenience of shaving .

Ambroise Tradition soap is enriched with shea butter, coconut and olive oils to hydrate . We've also added avocado and sunflower oils to nourish dry skin and castor oil to soften beard and skin .

Aftershave becomes unnecessary, your skin is soft, smooth and hydrated.

Shaving soap and shaving shampoo

Our Ambroise Tradition soap can also be used as a beard shampoo . The castor oil that we added to it is known for its fortifying properties . The hair on your beard or mustache is softer, softer and thicker. The vegetable oils and bee products of our shaving soap also take care of your skin by fighting against its dryness

Can I use Tradition shaving soap on other parts of the body?

Yes, the extreme softness of the soap allows a close and safe shave of the legs, chest, armpits, bikini line and private parts. The natural formulation of the old fashioned shaving soap allows the razor blades to glide very easily without the risk of irritating the skin.

How to shave with shaving soap?

We recommend that you use a shaving brush and a shaving bowl for a traditional shave. Moisten your shaving brush with lukewarm water, without excess, and pass it in circular motions on your soap. Lather in your shaving bowl until the air bubbles disappear. The foam climbs up the sides of the bowl. Apply the foam to your face and gently shave, gradually removing the foam.

Shaving soap made by cold saponification and ages in a wooden box for more than 6 months for very softness towards the most fragile skin

Dimension: diameter 7cm -

Weight 80g when removing from the mold (loss of 10% to 15% of weight over time but becomes better with use)

Packaging: EPE coated aluminum box, screw cover

Consumption: between 1 and 1.5 g of soap per shave under normal conditions (approximately 45 shaves)

Handcrafted and shaped in Normandy

Beekeeping materials from soft beekeeping No use of chemicals

Natural colors from the ingredients

Stamped Ambroise

Does not contain palm oil, EDTA , synthetic products

100% biodegradable

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  • “Vegetable oils: Health and beauty oils”, Chantal and Lionel CLERGEAUD - Editions Amyris


Ambroise Tradition, the old-fashioned shaving soap

  • Ambroise Tradition soap is to be used with a good shaving brush and a shaving bowl. Leave to dry well between 2 shaves. Put the soap in its box without the lid

    Ambroise Tradition is a hard shaving soap that has aged more than 8 months: at the first use it is necessary to wet the soap properly to soften it a little on the surface

    How to use shaving soap economically?

    To have a nice dense and creamy foam:

    • fill the bowl with hot water, soak the shaving brush in lukewarm water then shake the water from the brush slightly wet the soap, especially for new soap
    • empty the water and put the soap at the bottom of the bowl
    • load the shaving brush by rubbing the soap in a circular motion (about fifteen circles)
    • possibly remove the soap and bring the foam to the walls using the shaving brush
    • continue in circular movements until the foam is sufficiently dense and smooth (between "snowy egg white" and "whipped cream")
    • apply the foam on the face and massage yourself with the badger
    • shave in 2 or 3 passes to gradually reduce the length of the hair - At each pass, coat the face with foam again
    • apply a menthol-refreshing aftershave balm that can be used all year round and that does not interfere with your perfume
    • The temperature of the foam plays a big role in the quality of the latter. A cold foam will rise little.

    In beard shampoo mode

    Shaving soap is generally used 3 times a week, more if the beard is long, or if you practice sports or motorcycles.

It's the bee keeping watch!
for a soft and soothing skin

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Manufactured products

and cut by hand and stamped

Manufactured products

and cut by hand and stamped

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