A beauty routine for soft and beautiful skin

The exfoliation eliminates the dead cells accumulated day after day. Dead skin clogs the pores of the epidermis and the skin has difficulty breathing. Acne and blemishes of all kinds will then gain ground. In order to remedy this, it is necessary to make a body and facial scrub at least once or twice a week . Romanesque exfoliating soap is a treatment specially adapted to scrub and thoroughly cleanse all parts of the body.


A deep treatment with Romanesque for a beautiful radiant complexion

Romanesque, exfoliating soap type "Medium" with the shell of apricot kernel, eliminates all the dead cells on the surface of the skin,

It is well suited for the face and body, to find an ideal complexion. The skin instantly becomes soft and regular, the complexion unified and dazzling.


Romanesque does not attack delicate and fragile skin

Romanesque is enriched with sebum regulating honey and regenerating apricot kernel oil. Very hydrating and active, it participates in the unclogging of pores, and thus promotes the evacuation of sebum. Apricot kernel powder is an exfoliant particularly suitable for fragile and delicate facial skin, which does not leave the skin dry and irritated.


Romanesque provides a feeling of softness and well-being.

100% natural and effective, Romesque is also, by the action of our small Norman bees, an antibacterial soap, rich in antioxidants thus helping to fight against aging of the skin. It hydrates deeply to bring you a great feeling of well-being after leaving the shower.


Should I exfoliate my skin before or after shaving?

The answer is yes in both cases. One of the most important aspects of pre-coating is exfoliation, which helps to sand and prepare the skin. Romanesque soap gently exfoliates the skin while nourishing it to make it smooth for longer. Using an exfoliant for a few days after shaving will remove dead skin and facilitate hair growth - thereby reducing ingrown hairs.


Complete your beauty routine with an essential oil-free soap for very delicate skin


Soap produced by cold saponification

Certified by CELIANA SRL

Dimension 7x7x2.1cm - Weight 100g

Handcrafted and made in Normandy

Beekeeping materials from our hives-practice of gentle beekeeping Absence of use of chemicals

Natural colors from ingredients

Manufacturing limited to 1000 units / month

Stamped Ambroise

Without palm oil

EDTA free

Without paraben

Without synthetic product

100% biodegradable

Exfoliating face and body |

Poids: 100g
  • Scented soap with sweet and flowery notes of Ylang Ylang embellished with aromatic notes on a woody background. Discover the oriental sensations in the shower!


It's the bee keeping watch!
for a soft and soothing skin

100% natural products


Bee friendly products

Zero waste

Compostable packaging

Manufactured products

and cut by hand and stamped

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