A 7% surgras hydrating mask soap for the whole family

This surgras soap with goat's milk and honey for the face and body is suitable for all skin types, from the most fragile to the driest. It is specifically designed for all your skin imperfections . This cleansing treatment is ideal for regulating excess sebum in combination to oily skin, eliminating impurities from your epidermis, gently unclogging your pores and refining the skin texture.

Ideal for all members of your family, it is made only from natural ingredients. It can be used on the skin of adults, children and babies under normal conditions

Based on experience feedback, we recommend that it be used as a mask for adolescents and adults: soap the face or body and leave to act for 2 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

A delicate and natural smell

Its composition is specially designed so that the goat's milk and honey soap exudes a delicate and natural fragrance.

A very gentle surgras soap for the face

Beequète is the natural alliance of excellent products from bees and goats. The result is a cold saponified soap, very gentle and extremely nourishing for your skin.

Goat's milk contains high proportions of alpha-hydroxy acids which facilitate the removal of dead skin cells . This natural exfoliation helps stimulate the skin while promoting the regeneration of healthy cells. The honey of our bees as well as the wax have humectant properties which play a big role in the moisturizing power of this soap.

Beequète, goat's milk and honey soap from the apiary, savior of dry skin

Goat milk care products have been used for a very long time in the Nordic countries to protect and sustainably nourish dry skin weakened by the cold. Beequète, by its formulation and its softening properties, also helps relieve eczematous and psoriatic skin.

A formulation enriched with natural active ingredients, without essential oil

Our goat milk soap also contains important natural active ingredients:

  • olive oil, rich in antioxidants, well tolerated by sensitive skin
  • sweet almond oil to calm itching and irritation
  • coconut oil this oil rich in lauric acid also gives the soap a good foaming power.
  • sunflower oil rich in vitamins, nourishing
  • shea butter is used for its emollient and nutritive properties. It is also particularly rich in unsaponifiable molecules, with soothing and restorative properties.
  • all-flower honey from our apiary, with repairing and protective effects
  • beeswax with a strong humectant power for a beautiful hydration.Rich in vitamin A, this natural component also helps protect, smooth and cleanse the epidermis.
  • white clay with cleaning properties

Why choose a cold saponified soap?

Cold saponified soap is a very effective soap that perfectly cleanses the skin . It is totally suitable for daily and frequent use since it does not attack the skin and maintains all the hydration of the latter , unlike a conventional gel or soap which can tend to dry out with repeated washing.

Use all the hydrating power of the hive

In case of dry skin of the face (forehead, cheekbones) make a mask every evening with the soap. Leave on for about 5 minutes then rinse and dry by dabbing with a towel. Our experience feedback is excellent, and we recommend this economical and efficient practice. Honey from the apiary, beeswax and goat's milk work together to enhance your skin.

Soap made by cold saponification

Dimension 7x7x2.1cm - Weight 100g

Packaging: tissue paper and paper ring

Handcrafted and shaped in Normandy

Ingredients from organic farming

Beekeeping materials from our hives - practice of gentle beekeeping.

Natural colors from ingredients

Stamped Ambroise

Does not contain:

  • palm oil and derivatives, EDTA, synthetic products
  • 100% biodegradable

Non-contractual photo

With goat's milk and honey from the apiary | Beequete


    Tous ces ingrédients sont naturels ou 100% d'origine naturelle


    Avant saponification:

    Huile d'olive, eau, huile de coco, huile de tournesol, beurre de karité, huile d'amande douce, miel, cire, argile blanche,lait de chèvre.

    La combinaison de ces matières premières, dans des dosages précis, font de notre savon un véritable nettoyant, doux, hydratant et efficace pour votre peau



    INSTRUCTION: Utilisez au quotidien pour nettoyer votre corps. Rincez à l’eau.

    Se conserve dans un endroit sec et aéré

    AVERTISSEMENT: Tenir hors portée des enfants. Ne pas ingérer ou mettre dans les yeux. Ne pas utiliser sur une plaie ouverte ou purulente.


    La liste des ingrédients figure sur les emballages de tous nos produits. Si vous présentez des risques d'allergie, prenez soin de vérifier systématiquement la liste des ingrédients avant la première utilisation de votre produit

It's the bee keeping watch!
for a soft and soothing skin

Zero waste

Compostable packaging

Manufactured products

and cut by hand and stamped

Manufactured products

and cut by hand and stamped

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