The essentials on the surgras soap

A surgras soap does not dry the skin


An overgrown soap is a soap containing in its formulation an excess of unsaponified oil or butter which allows the skin to be cleaned without ever desiccating it.

This excess of butter or oil is of the order of 6% to 7% of the total weight of the oils used when the soap is well balanced in saturated and unsaturated oils.

At this percentage of surgras, the soap is of a suitable hardness and will not melt too quickly under the shower, while having good properties of hydration and cleaning power.

Oils and butters used in surgras are chosen for their intrinsic properties, especially for their ability to moisturize the skin, bring softness. and soothe irritations

Ambroise Savonnerie works in surgras with sweet almond oil (Petite Nymphe and Le Baroudeur), shea butter, hemp oil (RUCHE N ° 4), sesame oil (kapha tonic), apricot kernel oil (Romanesque)











       Savon surgras 7% Petite Nymphe à l'huile d'amande douce                                 Savon surgras 7% Ruche N°4 à l'huile de Chanvre

A surgras soap is the friend of the whole family

The surgras soap is suitable for all skin types but it is particularly recommended for sensitive skin (dry, atopic, baby's skin, mature skin)

It will bring happiness for the whole family and will be used for all parts of the body as well as for the face.

When to use it?

It can be used 2 times a day for the toilet. Supergrass soap will be particularly effective against atmospheric aggressions such as wind and cold or chemical aggression such as sea salt and chlorine swimming pools that desecrate the skin.


At the beginning of autumn, our skin is often dry despite the use of moisturizing creams in the summer against the sun .. It is good to use in this season a surgras toning soap rich in omega 3 that will rebalance the skin. 'epidermis. In the range of Ambroise soap, the recommended soap is Ruche N ° 4;


The surgras soap is the friend of the whole family to moisturize, soothe and prevent itching


RUCHE n°4 savon au miel
Petite Nymphe savon au miel