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Our manufacturing methods

Our artisanal soaps are made by the process of cold saponification.

A solid soap is the product of a chemical reaction, called saponification, between a fatty substance (oil, butter) and a base, soda.
Cold saponification, or SAF, is a gentle and slow method that preserves all the properties of the ingredients used.

Soap saponified cold is gentle on the skin, and moisturizing by the addition of precious oil in overgrown and the presence of natural glycerin formed during the process.

It does not require the addition of potentially irritating chemicals in its composition,

It is therefore without EDTA, without paraben, without Laury sodium sulfate, or other preservative.

We strengthen the hydrating power of all our artisanal soaps by introducing honey or wax from our Norman apiaries in Bessin (between Caen and Bayeux). This regional honey, rich in fructose, and beeswax make the soap ideal for all those with sensitive skin, dry or very oily. These elements in synergy with the oils and butters used help fight against redness, irritation and other skin problems, by strengthening the hydrolipidic film of the skin

Our handmade soaps are designed without palm oil,

Colors are created from natural ingredients like clay or cocoa, charcoal, honey,

The plants used are all from organic farming

The scents come from organic essential oils or perfumes designed without synthetic ingredients

Hand shaping

Our production is carried out in an artisanal way, with small quantities manufactured every day, to offer you healthy products of great quality.

All our soaps are shaped by our hands: cast, cut, chamfered, stamped, polished, wrapped.

We carefully check each product sent to you and pay particular attention to their packaging and labeling.

Security and traceability

Like any soap manufacturer, we have the obligation to implement the rules of good cosmetics manufacturing practice enacted by the European community.

Each soap recipe placed on the market is validated by a toxicologist. It ensures that the composition of products meets European standards, that soaps do not generate environmental risks or public health,

Our manufacturing process is described in detail and applied to the letter. It contains in particular the different stages of the protocol to be carried out, as well as the rules of hygiene and safety to be implemented.

The raw materials used in each production are plotted, and the products created are identified by a lot number. reported on the soap packaging.

Our production laboratory has been designed for a step forward, giving a large place to stainless steel as a base material.

The precision and the control of our weighing means allow us the perfect control of the reproducibility of the manufacturing








Our soaps respect the environment

Our natural surgras soaps are totally biodegradable and respectful of the planet.

Without phosphate or synthetic products, they do not pollute the seas or the rivers, and contribute to the preservation of our environment.


All our soaps are sold without laminated packaging. For reasons of hygiene, and harmonization of the perfume, they are wrapped in tissue paper, of course 100% recyclable. In order to reduce our production of waste, our soaps are sent in a cardboard box recyclable with kraft paper, without delivery order or invoice.

Our soaps are economical

When we ship our soaps they have 4 weeks. So the soap will not melt too quickly. It will continue to dry and harden, which makes it more economical

You can keep it for 2 to 3 years, after it may be too hard and too dry. Its color will lighten with time, and it can deform slightly .. At 1 year, the soap is at the top of its qualities!

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