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Each of our moisturizing balms is a concentrate of active ingredients. Bees make them unique!

With the balms, the nutritional needs of the skin are met by a supply of Omega 6, essential fatty acids in large quantities, vitamins and antioxidants contained in vegetable oils and honey.

Our balms all have a simple formulation, without unnecessary ingredients expensive and not essential

Our moisturizing balms for the face and body are all made from the treasures of our hives: honey, wax, propolis , to give them a superior advantage in terms of protection and hydration.

Balms are concentrates of very effective active ingredients.

Precious organic oils are carefully chosen for their intrinsic characteristics:

- emollient power,

- good penetration,

- skin tensor,

- dry touch.

Do we take as much pleasure with a moisturizing balm as with a cream?

The texture of our moisturizing balms is delicious. We can therefore play on the pleasure side and fondant to apply it as a ritual.

We start by heating it in the hand to make it more supple, Once warmed up, the balm is applied to the face or the body in circular massages. The oils penetrate the epidermis well, leaving the skin soft and silky without appearance. fat